LinkedIn IPO’s and goes Wild. Overpriced?

Yikes, I hope everyone was watching ticker LNKD all today. A lot of people made a lot of money. It was quite wild and could be the precursor to a Facebook IPO. LinkedIn’s initial valuation was placed around $35, then just a week before altering to a range between $42 and $45, which set them at a valuation of $4 Billion.

Today, LinkedIn IPO’d while its price headed to $115 and eventually settled to $94 a share. That means that at this moment, LinkedIn is valued at almost $9 Billion. Compare it to Facebook, which its most recent valuation was placed at $75 Billion, that would mean that LinkedIn is worth an 8th of what Facebook is currently valued. Keep in mind the market valuation and analyst valuation. Do you believe LinkedIn is an 8th the size of Facebook?

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