Cell Phone and Data plans – Next cell phone plan to sell for the Tech Advocate!

I need a cell phone plan that will give me 5 SIM cards for individual use. 1 for my phone, 1 for my car / GPS / Nav unit, 1 for my Netbook, 1 for my Full sized laptop, and 1 for my alternate source. But hey, call me crazy, and this won’t suit everybody.

But, we are already seeing individuals doubling up. With iPad’s, Android tablets, and mobile internet, many have two for their own individual. I’m not talking about a family plan; I’m talking about 1 person utilizing multiple devices. I predict many others would like to have live traffic on their navigation units in their car, while at the same time not being tied down to WiFi with their laptops.

So far, nobody offers a plan like this. The technology is just beginning to get started on this route. It took the iPad before people really started using tablets off of WiFi. OnStar is offering a form of data connection directly to your phone. AT&T allows additional cards with Unlimited data access for an additional $50 / month, but I feel that there needs to be a better deal.

This could be the next cell phone data plan.

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