Amazon is kicking Ebay’s Arse!

I’m an avid eBay’er. Equally an avid Amazon’er. But this is just embarrassing now. Amazon is kicking eBay’s ass. I went out electronics shopping today on eBay and I’m stuck paying twice as much for the same thing that I can get from Amazon. The best part is, Amazon ships from within the USA. In-fact, they have a ship center out of New York, which is where most of my purchases come from. If I went with eBay, I would have been getting my device from Taiwan. Yikes 2 / 3 weeks for that delivery.

Maybe Meg Whitman saw this coming and that’s why she left as eBay’s CEO. Compare AMZN stock to EBAY. It’s outrageous. Amazon is a monster with it’s $86B market cap compared to eBay’s $40B.

I know that eBay is the online auction website. But they have been flooded with product sales and companies utilizing eBay as a web front store. This is ok, I guess… but is there a way that eBay can leverage up? maybe split the auction so that we are back to normal auctioning and have a different branch that would directly compete against Amazon, but where store-fronts could compete to sell you the cheapest product? Just a thought.

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