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24 may

Asus Eee Transformer – iPad Competition?

Android, ASUS, eBay, Hardware, iPad

Ok, one of my favorite companies out there is Asus. I’ve been buying their boards (motherboards) for a very long time. Since then, they’ve also entered the PC market with Windows and Linux Laptops. They offer a great product for … Continue reading

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23 may

Android in Space! Helium balloons with the Nexus S

Android, Google

This is just awesome. Google has been launching Android into space, specifically using the Nexus S phone. As it launched, the Nexus S would send photos as it gained altitude. Check out the videos.

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22 may

Extend Chrome to port DOC/PDF to Google Docs/Dropbox

Chrome, Mobility

I oughta say, this was my favorite of the videos I saw from NYU’s 24 hour Hack-a-thon in NYC. It was perfect size in the scope for 24 hours, unique, and steps on the shoulders of today’s technology. Bravo! Take … Continue reading

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21 may

Screengrab – Firefox Plugin – Take SS of entire Webpage

Firefox, Photoshop

Have you ever had to take an entire screen shot of a webpage? With standard operating systems, you are stuck with their print screen functions. You have to take a screen shot of each piece, then map them together in … Continue reading

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20 may

Cell Phone and Data plans – Next cell phone plan to sell for the Tech Advocate!

AT&T, Car Computing, Mobility, Verizon

I need a cell phone plan that will give me 5 SIM cards for individual use. 1 for my phone, 1 for my car / GPS / Nav unit, 1 for my Netbook, 1 for my Full sized laptop, and … Continue reading

19 may

LinkedIn IPO’s and goes Wild. Overpriced?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Stock

Yikes, I hope everyone was watching ticker LNKD all today. A lot of people made a lot of money. It was quite wild and could be the precursor to a Facebook IPO. LinkedIn’s initial valuation was placed around $35, then … Continue reading

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18 may

Google Chrome About:Pages ~ What are they?

Chrome, Google

Google Chrome is filled with little features and helpful tools out there. One of these features are all of Google’s About pages. Here’s a simple list of about pages in Chrome 11 and what purposes they serve. Firefox has many … Continue reading

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17 may

White iPhone – Video and competition with Android, Android, Google, iPhone

This guy did a good job on this video. Lots of info. Check it out.

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13 may

Google’s Chrome, Chromium, Canary, and OS

Chrome, Google

What the heck is Chrome Canary? Wait, back up, what the heck is Chromium? What is Chrome OS?? lol. I was confused at one time myself. Google has all these products that have been flying around, all these names, all … Continue reading

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13 may

Prey – Track your devices online

Android, Internet, Linux, Mac, Twitter, Windows

If you’ve ever lost your phone, you might appreciate this piece of software here. A couple of weeks back, I was out of town and lost my phone. I didn’t have any software like this installed, either. I’m glad I … Continue reading

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