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30 jun

Are you a SmartPhone Flash Junkie? Android 2.3 leaked!

Android, Google, Hacking, Samsung

One of the coolest things about Smart Phones is the ability of the development community to upgrade and update software and packages for common mobile phones. I’ll use my phone, the Samsung Captivate as an example here: Android 2.1 has … Continue reading

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29 jun

Jive – Face of the New Enterprise

Cloud Computing, Internet

Jive, the CMS and Social Networking platform, combines collaboration software, community and social communities on an Enterprise level. Jive is one of those companies who takes the initiative and tells companies where the web is going. While it used to … Continue reading

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28 jun

Watch how Startup Zaarly Evolved!

Entrepreneurship, Hack-a-thon, Mobility

Zaarly is a great Startup Weekend story. Startup Weekend is an event that happens all over the world in major cities, connecting startup ideas with marketing, business, and tech experts. Zaarly is an amazing story of how they began, raised … Continue reading

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27 jun

Remove Search Bar from Firefox 4+


I guess some people are still attached to the search bar in the upper right corner of the browser. Since Chrome, I quickly got used to never having it and simply typing my searches directly into the address bar. In … Continue reading

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26 jun

So, you want to do a startup, Eh?

Entrepreneurship, Hack-a-thon

A friend sent this to me yesterday. Take a look: So you want to do a startup, eh? View more presentations from Tara Hunt

25 jun

Fix up a MacBook Pro. Yup, just like a PC.

Apple, Hacking, Hardware, Home Projects, Mac

It’s funny how often people forget that Macs are PC’s. Everybody got a little bit of a reminder when Intel took over their processing and Windows / Mac dual boots were more regular than ever. I had the need for … Continue reading

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25 jun

The Fear of Cloud Computing, Real

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, the ever so popular, yet questioned reality of future web technologies. Companies such as Dropbox and have staked their entire business plans on the idea of the cloud; they have made a lot of money doing it. … Continue reading

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24 jun

WWDC 2011 Videos Available, but wait…

Apple, iPad, iPhone, Mac

It’s been a couple of weeks since Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference took part and for all those who missed it, more than 100 videos are now available. But wait… unfortunately, you have to be a registered Apple developer in … Continue reading

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23 jun

Phillihp’s Toolbox – Added Lorem Ipsum Generator

Home Projects

There are so many tools used for web development. One of them is a Lorem Ipsum generator. Basically what this does is generate a bunch of text, in Latin, so that you can easily have filler for websites and graphics. … Continue reading

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23 jun

Firefox gets Cupcake for Firefox 5

Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft

Since Firefox 3, in 2008, Microsoft has been sending Mozilla a cake for their major Firefox releases. In March 2011, another cake was sent over. But now, with the increased release schedule, it looks like Microsoft will now only be … Continue reading

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