Twitter Adds HTTPS, but LinkedIn Gets Disconnected

alignleftNow that so many people are hopping on the internet and often times shared networks, many websites are jumping on the band-wagon of enabling encryption to protect your data. On these public networks, it’s become easier and easier to hijack other peoples sessions. Basically if you log into an unsecured website on public WiFi, you are immediately susceptible to someone taking your logged in session, and taking it over. You will not notice a thing. And it’s as easy as installing a Firefox plugin.

alignleftTwitter is now offering full HTTPS support, but I ran into an issue. Now my LinkedIn updates don’t get posted. Looks like a minor overlook on the connections. It looks like Twitter does offer HTTPS/SSL connections over their API; it’s just that LinkedIn is not using it. Looks like I’ll be moving back to regular unsecured HTTP for Twitter. Honestly, what’s the worst that can happen? someone read my twitter posts?

Now Twitter wont allow me to disable HTTPS. Oh my… Ticket submitted.

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