Windows and Android are exactly alike! What?

I think I’ve figured out why Windows gets such a bad rap. Despite their major issues with Vista, and some trouble with Windows ME, Windows is a very solid platform. It’s extremely diverse and there is a reason it’s the #1 OS. It works, it’s customizable, and it’s cheap! They mostly get a bad rap because of all the platforms it’s delivered on. The idea is to be third party friendly.

If you have been buying Sony Vaio’s for the past 10 years, your Windows experience is nothing short of spectacular. While if you have been buying Acer’s or eMachine’s, you probably have a strong dislike for the OS. This is why Mac’s have been so powerful, they control the hardware, therefore control the entire experience. Windows is a different story.

Similarly, this is what Android is doing. Android is open source and available to whomever wants to integrate it into their systems. This is fantastic for the Android OS, but may also start to take image and effect into the brand image of Android. Now any poorly constructed device that’s sold could be wrapped around Android, instead of the manufacturer and integration of the hardware and software.

I have a great example of a terrible Android advertisement with the Dreambook. Look at this advertisement, oh my… Lmao!

Who in the world would want to be seen in public like that?

Ok, lets put a nice picture of Android up. The one prior creeps me out.

Android is doing a great job. It was because they were Open Source, that they were able to grow and gain popularity so quickly. Mac’s have always been around, but it wasn’t until the iPod that Apple had a platform to build a base of popularity, extended to the iPhone and iPad, and it’s been amazing. Even Mac’s switch to a unix core has really helped in coverting. That said, Android and Windows are unrestricted, iOS and Mac are not.

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