Enable WebGL with New HTML5 Browsers

I know I make a lot of posts on how to enable WebGL. The fact is that it just keeps changing.

HTML5 is now coming pre-loaded on the latest browsers that are being released. Contrary to popular belief, WebGL and HTML5 Canvas are not exactly perfect and there are many draw backs. Therefore, they are not enabled by default. You can enable them yourself though, if you want to do some testing.

This quick post demonstrates how to enable WebGL

For Google Chrome 11+
On Windows, Mac, and Linux you can run Chrome using the --enable-webgl
Windows: chrome.exe --enable-webgl
Mac & Linux: ./chrome --enable-webgl

For Firefox 4+
Any operating system, simply open the browser and type in the address bar “about:config” and press enter. You can then find “webgl.force-enable” to true and you are good to go.

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