Flash Workarounds for HTML5/WebGL Game Development

One of the largest topics here, it seems, is the future of web development with HTML5. Steve Jobs and Apple have very publicly voiced their opinions on the phase out of Flash and the implementation of Full HTML5 for games, video, and interaction via a web browser. Therefore, they completely dismissed the idea of integrating Flash all together.

Those of us who actually develop in this world, understand and realize the the true advantages of HTML5 is going to take many more years than what we all think. There have also been estimations that HTML5 will not be completely realized until 2020. If you think about it, it’s not surprising. The latest web browsers, like Firefox 4 and Chrome 11 do not even enable WebGL by default. When you look at enterprise solutions, in many cases, desktop configurations are still packaged with Internet Explorer 7, which came out 10 years ago. When will HTML5 browsers (which are 10+ years ahead) actually take enterprise over? 2020 then doesn’t seem that far off.

With HTML5 still not 100%, workarounds are required. And it wasn’t until yesterday at SFJS in the PeopleBrowsr building, that I’ve heard of Flash generation to solve the difficulties of HTML5 game development. With clever and unique Flash scripts, which are JavaScript enabled, it is possible to hack your way around designing full games online, where speed and performance are high quality, without being completely trapped in a Flash environment, today.

In-fact, you can now import Flash using the ever so hopeful HTML5 canvas element. For years we have done this with downloads and displaying progress bars. Utilize Flash to keep an accurate measure of the progress of an upload. And now with HTML5 development, Flash is still being leveraged.

We still have a couple years for HTML5 on the newest browsers. Once you see WebGL enabled by default, this will be a very good tell that development is ready to be done on a larger scale with these new technologies.

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