Firefox 4 in March. Firefox 5 Already. Firefox 6 in Sept?

It looks like Firefox has now revamped their release model, following something more along the lines of what Google Chrome’s schedule looks like. Just this year, starting at Firefox 3, we have seen Firefox 4 released in March, Firefox 5 released in June, and now a planned Firefox 6 to be released in September. Google Chrome goes through about 5 releases a year now. This is a true sign to how quickly the web is moving and quite possibly a good sign that things are picking up and also a testament that these new innovations are quickly being adopted by the web community today.

Stat Counter measures these browsers market share. Notice Google Chrome taking more and more market share. The graph doesn’t necessarily tell you who from, but we would all assume Internet Explorer. What Chrome has done, is stunted the growth of Firefox, making them a major contender in the most recent browser wars.

I expect to see more browser development crews adopt this higher release turnover rate. This is great news for the web community, meaning that we get access to new technologies on a quicker turnover, and that large companies are forced to keep an eye on public browser release dates.

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