The Fear of Cloud Computing, Real

Cloud computing, the ever so popular, yet questioned reality of future web technologies. Companies such as Dropbox and have staked their entire business plans on the idea of the cloud; they have made a lot of money doing it. Even Apple entering the arena, releasing their iCloud, tells you that there is so much potential with the possibilities.

It’s a very mixed review out in the public. Can you really trust these services with all of your vital information? With Facebook, it seems that people are more willing to share their information than ever before. And those who have entered the realm of cloud have taken it that extra step forward. The benefits are great, and the fears of your information becoming public are also very real. TechCrunch just released a report of about 100 accounts who have been hacked through simple vulnerabilities over at Dropbox.

I still believe people shouldn’t be swayed by the potential issues with the cloud. First of all, we all have the choice as to the information we want to put out there. For sensitive information, wouldn’t you obviously want to store that more securely, outside of the cloud? I say, use these technologies. Just be mindful of the information that you use them with. Easy decision. Don’t be scared.

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