Jive – Face of the New Enterprise

Jive, the CMS and Social Networking platform, combines collaboration software, community and social communities on an Enterprise level. Jive is one of those companies who takes the initiative and tells companies where the web is going. While it used to be the other way around, Jive’s attitude is, “let us just make it, show you how to use it, trust me, you’ll thanks us”. While this doesn’t always rub potential clients the right way, they continue to steam forward.

Their new Jive 5 interface is very nice. There has been a lot of work into the aesthetics and ease-of-use, not to mention the complete addition of Social Networking while inside an Enterprise. Find your co-workers, see what they have been up too, see what they are working on, ask them for help. Start a discussion, create landing pages and find what’s for lunch in the cafeteria. If you are working for an organization with more than 50 employees. It may be worth it to look into such a solution.

Take a look:

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