Are you a SmartPhone Flash Junkie? Android 2.3 leaked!

One of the coolest things about Smart Phones is the ability of the development community to upgrade and update software and packages for common mobile phones. I’ll use my phone, the Samsung Captivate as an example here: Android 2.1 has been the default, stock OS for the Samsung Captivate since it’s inception. Just the other day, Android 2.2 was made available. At the same time, the day I got the Captivate (about 6 months after release), I was already on Android 2.2 because it was leaked out to the public and groups of individuals managed to package it together.

On June 20th, 2011, Android 2.3 was leaked for the Samsung Captivate. While all the other users wait for a year to get their updates, I roam over to the website to pick up the most recently leaked 2.3 Gingerbread… wooo! I found 6 new ROM’s with Gingerbread, Android 2.3. It almost seems that the development teams promote outside developers, unofficially, to work out the issues. The next versions always seem to get leaked just as the next official release goes out. Odd.

Anyways, Android 2.3 is the most recent Android version out there for Smart Phones. I hope you get into flashing your phone as well. It’s a nice way to add new features, reduce battery usage, and speed it up. Look for Android 2.3 for many other phones too. Enjoy!

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