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23 jun

Firefox 4 in March. Firefox 5 Already. Firefox 6 in Sept?

Chrome, Firefox, Google, Internet Explorer, Microsoft

It looks like Firefox has now revamped their release model, following something more along the lines of what Google Chrome’s schedule looks like. Just this year, starting at Firefox 3, we have seen Firefox 4 released in March, Firefox 5 … Continue reading

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22 jun

Learn Object Oriented PHP / Ruby

CakePHP, Java, Ruby on Rails

When people hear about Object Oriented Programming, often they think of Java. Well, it’s all over the place, especially PHP. As projects grow throughout website development and application design, they tend to get more complex, repetitive, and often times, tedious. … Continue reading

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21 jun

Try out a Ruby Stack on Windows / Mac / Linux

HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript, Linux, Mac, Ruby on Rails, Windows

Due to the size and growth of the internet, we’ve seen a stream of new developers join the ranks. HTML and JavaScript development is more popular than ever. I’d really like to see a study done on what percentage of … Continue reading

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20 jun

Used MacBook Pro Fixup!

Apple, eBay, Hardware, Home Projects, Mac

I’m a sucker for creating value out of electronics. I built my XBox 360 years ago for about $140, at the time they were selling for $299. I’m always building PC’s. I recently fixed up a Dell Studio 17, paid … Continue reading

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19 jun

Google Liquid Galaxy with 8 Large LCD’s


I think these days, most desktop setups only have about 2 monitors max. To install more than 2, requires special and sometimes expensive video cards. On Windows / Linux, these can be buggy if the setups change often. On Macs, … Continue reading

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18 jun

Recent Applications for Good Contest

AT&T, Entrepreneurship, Internet, Media, Mobility, News

Recently, me and Dan from TalkChalk, attended a live webinar for our product, TalkChalk, where we won $5,000. Overall, between AT&T and one.economy, $50,000 in prizes were given out. There were guys who flew in from Miami, also had live … Continue reading

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17 jun

iOS5 – WebGL will not be Supported

3D Graphics, iPad, iPhone, WebGL

I found this from News from Apple’s Chris Marrin: “WebGL will not be publicly available in iOS 5. It will only be available to iAd developers.” This means we have to wait at least another year or two before … Continue reading

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16 jun

WebGL Camp – Online Video Presentations, Demos, and Help

3D Graphics, WebGL

Last week was WebGL Camp #3 at the Googleplex. If you have any interest in WebGL, you must check out this link here. It has each presentation that was done throughout the day, in addition to samples of code, examples, … Continue reading

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15 jun

A little about Web Content Management Systems

Java, PHP, Ruby

Content Management Systems (CMS) are everywhere. If you really wanted me to, I could absolutely list over 100 different CMS systems that exist on all sorts of platforms from PHP, ASP, Python, Perl, Ruby, and even Cold Fusion. Here, it’s … Continue reading

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14 jun

TalkChalk Facebook Education Awarded $5,000

AT&T, Entrepreneurship, Facebook

TalkChalk, a Facebook based online education tool is gaining traction and doing well. Awarded with $5,000 from Applications for Good, the TalkChalk idea and prototype are proving their fundamental concept. MVP and Beta development is planned to be done over … Continue reading

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