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30 jul

The Modern MediaPC – No RDP, No Messing Around, Apple, Google, Internet, Media

Check out all these types of remote Keyboards and Trackpads / Mice, that are all the size or smaller than, a remote control. It’s taken a really long time for actual PC’s to dominate the Television. But with the ever … Continue reading

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30 jul

Hack Videos in Time Square – NZT

Entertainment, Hacking

I noticed this popular video that appears to hack into Video screens in Time Square. Lol, I laugh at these things.

28 jul

Intro to CSS Live Changes with Firebug

Firefox, Internet

I admit, I’ve been really busy this week. I try to do at least ONE post a day and 7 per week… so, leading up to another post I have been writing, modern day SQL injection hacking, I thought this … Continue reading

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27 jul

Quick Demo on How to SQL Inject a Site

Hacking, Programming

I’m preparing a post on how to do a modern SQL Inject on websites. This isn’t meant for people to go hacking, but rather a demonstration how sanitizing variables is completely necessary when allowing variables into your website. Take a … Continue reading

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26 jul

Learn Objective-C in Your Neighborhood

iPad, iPhone, Objective-C

We all know that there is a lot of content on the web. But not everything is so easy to learn just by reading books and tutorials. So, why not find a class near you and learn in person. Using … Continue reading

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25 jul

Silicon Valley 2.0 – The Lean VC

Entrepreneurship, Internet, Mobility

A good slide show demonstrating the steps of building a Tech startup. Silicon Valley 2.0: The Lean VC View more presentations from Dave McClure

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24 jul

Developing with # Marks in Your URL Address

HTML5/CSS3, Twitter

As the web world continues to granulate and become ever more complex with routing, client side scripting, and communication, the shape of how we use URL’s continues to extend. It’s very common to see these pound marks in URL’s which … Continue reading

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22 jul

WebGL Google Search Page, or is it?

3D Graphics, HTML5/CSS3, Internet Explorer, WebGL

I’ll have to credit Michael from ECW who tweeted this in the morning, but looks like Google’s home page is done using some form of HTML5. I couldn’t quite pin-point exactly if it was WebGL or simple Canvas drawing, but … Continue reading

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21 jul

Review of Experience with 99designs

Design, Internet, Media, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Intro I recently used for a project that I was working on… so, you’ve all heard the rage, maybe you haven’t. Basically, it’s a way to get a logo or graphic created by crowd sourcing designers and their designs … Continue reading

20 jul

UML – Beatles “Hey Jude” and Juno

Home Projects, Internet, Media

Those rare times when I can some how fit music into my posts here on an extremely techy blog. Well, my UML search earlier today led me to a couple fun songs that were screen-recorded and synced up with their … Continue reading