Want the Rails Experience, for ColdFusion?

I’m now working with ColdFusion again on a major project of mine. People may ask, why ColdFusion? Actually I hear that a lot. The truth of the matter is that ColdFusion is still very real, it’s being used all over the place, and has high demand.

The trend in the web application world over the last 5 years has been MVC frameworks. Slowly, companies are adopting the technique, and it’s paying dividends. While working on this new ColdFusion project, I hope to implement a Ruby-on-Rails like MVC, cfwheels, which will do wonders to clean code, effective data management, and code re-use. Check out these three file systems, from left to right: CFWheels, CakePHP, and Ruby on Rails.


Ahhh! This is where everybody in the room probably bounces off my website. But to me, these three file systems look sweet.

Let me put these into perspective. If you are into motorcycles, the one on the left (cfwheels) is like a Hayabusa, it’s fast, and very scalable, a little bit odd and unorganized, not completely object oriented, a bit heavy too, probably have to do some upkeep. The one in the center (CakePHP) is like a Suzuki GSXR, very reliable, fast, scalable, and easy to re-use, very object oriented, with many real nice bells and whistles, while the one on the right (Ruby on Rails), is a Ducati, it’s got all the above and so many extra toys, plus ultra fast, very portable, plus it’s the most widely imitated MVC out there, there must be a reason why.


If there isn’t even a Framework in place, it looks more like a pink bicycle, you can still go, but not very fast. While there are other Frameworks that fill in the middle-ground. So far, and this may just be my opinion / personal bias, but Rails-like MVC’s are the most effective. Buy into it, you won’t regret it. 🙂

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