Aptana Studio for Ruby on Rails @ChrisPirillo

Haha, Chris Pirillo (@ChrisPirillo owner of http://www.lockergnome.com/) puts it pretty perfectly when he analyzes Aptana Studio. Listen to this guy, seriously. I’ve recently been using Aptana Studio for Ruby on Rails development. Funny how Chris also uses PSPad, that’s my main text editor. But PSPad, nor Notepad++, have all the tools needed for a Ruby on Rails app. So, Aptana we go.

It’s actually pretty good. I tried out Aptana Studio 3 community, which was completely open source. It’s got default black background text and file exploration with a full set of features. It is Java based, and in the video below, Chris goes on a very true rant about how Java apps on the Desktop are not the best. Hey Chris, why not just update your machine, it works great here. 😉

Well, this was a fun video to watch. Aptana is pretty useful and I’ll keep it around for a little bit here. There are many other development purposes: HTML, JS, PHP, Java (of-course), and I’ve even heard that there is an Objective-C plugin for iOS devices! Interesting! I’ll look into that further.

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