Circles, Hangouts, Sparks Aside – Why Google+ Will Succeed


Well, I’m already sold. Google+ is sure to be very successful. I had my doubts at first, but after taking a first hand look, there are several reasons why I know Google+ will make a serious dent in the social networking arena. Here is why:

Google+ already exists where you are! Go to, Gmail, Google Docs, guess what… Google+ is pre-integrated into your suite of Google applications. It’s pretty simple to say that integrating your email, docs, and search with Social Networking will be the next major pull. In my opinion, Facebook is nowhere near that capability. In addition, it’s clear that Google is taking major strides in leveraging HTML5. I think Google has a lot of advantages that Facebook does not, from a development point of view. Ok, so only two reasons… they are enough. 🙂 Now, the challenge is that Facebook already has the base of users. So, I wonder if we’ll see a MySpace vs Facebook all over again. Till then, enjoy +ing, (coin?).

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