Create UML Diagrams and Wireframes Online

Typically when designing UML diagrams for ER’s, DFD’s, Activity Flow’s, or other types of diagrams, I head directly to Microsoft Office Visio. It’s a perfect tool that gets everything done that I need. It’s neat, clean, and very organized. If I don’t have a license ready, say I’m on another machine, something Linux or Mac, I’ll go use my favorite open-source tool, Dia. Dia is a fantastic little tool that allows all the diagraming that you would ever want. Ports for any OS, and highly recommended by myself.

But I went out and did a small search for some other modeling applications. What did I find? A series of Online UML modeling applications where you don’t even have to download anything. So, just like Google Docs, we now have Online Modeling, of the UML type… 😉 Check out some of these tools. Most are free to try and take a screen shot, but some you must buy to save and print. – My favorite so far. Free version also!

If you have an iPad it’s even compatible there:

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