Intro to CSS Live Changes with Firebug

I admit, I’ve been really busy this week. I try to do at least ONE post a day and 7 per week… so, leading up to another post I have been writing, modern day SQL injection hacking, I thought this would be an appropriate step.

Firebug more or less revolutionized the way that debugging was done in JavaScript. Microsoft had Script Debugger, which was terrible, and there were applications that could help out on local HTML instances, such as TidyCSS. But I credit Firebug for taking that extra step in helping all of us… who had for so long literally sifted through “View Source” straight code, using trial and error methodology (ha!), in multiple browsers, to get JavaScript and CSS to play Nicely! Ahhhh… the past is the past… thank you!

I’ll stop with all of that. The future is here and things are, well… better. Not perfect, I still navigate between at least 5 different JavaScript and CSS debuggers: Firebug, Google Inspector, Internet Explorer Debug Bar, Microsoft Script Debugger, and Yes, Visual Studio. That aside, take a look at Firebug, it’s very worth it.

Take a look at an intro to CSS w/ Firebug.

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