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Check out all these types of remote Keyboards and Trackpads / Mice, that are all the size or smaller than, a remote control. It’s taken a really long time for actual PC’s to dominate the Television. But with the ever increasing amount of content with the Internet, Netflix, Pandora, other streaming video and audio, AND High Definition television sets, Google, Apple, and other companies have been trying to take the plunge. My opinion is to stick with a self-made Windows machine that is hooked up via HDMI. You can get by paying less than $400 and have every advantage of High Definition and internet content, without being stuck by these other manufacturers software. You could also stick a Mac Mini on a TV set, but you have to convert your signal to HDMI or find a DVI compatible television, plus you are paying $800+.

Lenovo has the Ultimate Solution! The Lenovo IdeaCentre Desktop PC packs an entire PC into a very small unit, with every feature you would ever want. Price Tag: $330.

So once you have the PC or Mac-Mini setup, it’s time to get your remote control. Don’t worry about Remote Desktop and getting a computer close to your seat for control. Don’t worry about buying a full size keyboard and mouse to control this. Get a remote control sized modern keyboard / mouse combo that gives you full access, much like typing on your mobile phone. The Lenovo solution comes pre-packaged with the following remote keyboard.

Lenova Multimedia Remote Keyboard
This Lenova Multimedia Remote Keyboard has been working for me for years. It has a track ball instead of a track pad and has great distance with the Wireless signal. I don’t think I’ve changed the battery once.

2.4 GHz Wireless Mini Keyboard with Touchpad
The 2.4 GHz Wireless Mini Keyboard with Touchpad is a Brand-less delight. I also have one of these. It’s very responsive. The version I have, is not QWERTY, but the new ones are. Therefore, I prefer my Leonva, but now that the new mini keyboards are QWERTY, I’m sure they are just as effective.

Find this here on

Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad
Here’s my most recent purchase, which I got on Amazon. I just wanted to try this one out. I’m increasingly using stand-alone PC’s for my video and music in all my rooms, so having a couple of these extra doesn’t hurt. Maybe I’ll replace my Lenova with this.

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