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20 jul

Create UML Diagrams and Wireframes Online

Internet, Programming

Typically when designing UML diagrams for ER’s, DFD’s, Activity Flow’s, or other types of diagrams, I head directly to Microsoft Office Visio. It’s a perfect tool that gets everything done that I need. It’s neat, clean, and very organized. If … Continue reading

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19 jul

HakTip 7 – 10 Hacking Subjects

Hacking, Hardware, Internet I’ve been following these guys for a little bit now and I really like them. They touch on all sorts of today’s relevant hacking topics and shares vulnerabilities, principles, and how to protect yourself using today’s networks. These videos … Continue reading

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18 jul

Dudes, the Best Mobile Browser I’ve Seen!

Android, Chrome, Firefox

It’s so exciting to watch the Mobile world develop applications and find functionality within such small devices. Dolphin HD is an Android web browser that is amazingly functional and very much a browser changer for myself. I’ve been watching Dolphin … Continue reading

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18 jul

See Your Website in 69 Different Browsers

Chrome, Design, Firefox, Google, Internet, Internet Explorer, Microsoft, Safari

I found this very cool website today that takes the website of your choosing and runs it through several browser tests, takes a screen shot of your page through each browser, and sends it to you! Perfect! The website is … Continue reading

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17 jul

Phil’s Toolbox – Constrain Proportions

Internet, JavaScript

Ahh, as of recently, I’ve needed something like this. Constrain proportions is often something you see when resizing an image. I often see it when resizing a video embedded object. Basically this resize will ensure that your proportions are correctly … Continue reading

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17 jul

Being an Entrepreneur! Live, Learn, Start Another!


I’ve left my most recent project, TalkChalk, due to complications and the fact that the risk/reward were not there from my perspective. I was offered a small percentage for my efforts and added an additional experience to my life as … Continue reading

15 jul

Flash Stage3D – Adobe’s Molehill Product vs WebGL.

3D Graphics, Apple, Internet, Internet Explorer, Microsoft, WebGL

With all this HTML5 talk, we are watching the internet turn 3D. Awesome! I like it, but with all the focus on WebGL specifically, most people simply count out Flash all together. But we have to be very careful now. … Continue reading

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14 jul

99 Designs – Crowd Sources Design

3D Graphics, Design

Well, my designers are going to hate it when they see this. is a crowd sourcing design studio, that allows people to post projects and designers to post bids with their designs to win that project, along with the … Continue reading

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13 jul

Circles, Hangouts, Sparks Aside – Why Google+ Will Succeed

Facebook, Google

  Well, I’m already sold. Google+ is sure to be very successful. I had my doubts at first, but after taking a first hand look, there are several reasons why I know Google+ will make a serious dent in the … Continue reading

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12 jul

Got my Google+ Frenzy on!

Facebook, Google

Hey everybody. Just got my Google+ account. 🙂 It didn’t take much, just an invite. If you’d like an invite, just twitter msg me ur gmail or comment on this post. Cya on Google+! You must create a Google profile … Continue reading

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