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12 jul

12 Crazy Kinect Hacks

3D Graphics, C++, Games, Hacking, Hardware, Microsoft

Awesome video on many Kinect hacks done. I’m a little bit upset that somebody already did my Kinect Tetris, two or three times over. Mine is still unique and I’ll get to it once I’m not so busy. Anyways, watch … Continue reading

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11 jul

Aptana Studio for Ruby on Rails @ChrisPirillo

HTML5/CSS3, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP, Ruby on Rails

Haha, Chris Pirillo (@ChrisPirillo owner of puts it pretty perfectly when he analyzes Aptana Studio. Listen to this guy, seriously. I’ve recently been using Aptana Studio for Ruby on Rails development. Funny how Chris also uses PSPad, that’s my … Continue reading

11 jul

What is Cloud Computing? Video Explanation

Cloud Computing, Google, Microsoft

We are all most likely using Cloud Computing in some form or another. I like to think of any online email system as a cloud email storage system, like Gmail or Hotmail. Cloud computing gets talked about a lot these … Continue reading

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9 jul

How to Position Yourself for a Google+ Account

Chrome, eBay, Facebook, Google

Google+ is all the rage these past couple weeks. And after being open for a very short time, it’s field test is now over capacity. About a week ago, users could sign up by downloading the Chrome Plus App from … Continue reading

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8 jul

Jobs Report was Terrible! But Tech Jobs are Soaring?

Media, News, Stock

Before leaving for work this morning, I had to hear the results of the ADP Jobs Report. We are in a pretty volatile time in the market, and if played right, you can make a little bit of money on … Continue reading

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7 jul

Newsy: Facebook’s ‘Awesome’ Announcement: Social Media Wars?

Facebook, Media

Multisource political news, world news, and entertainment news analysis by

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6 jul

Want the Rails Experience, for ColdFusion?

CakePHP, cfwheels, Ruby on Rails

I’m now working with ColdFusion again on a major project of mine. People may ask, why ColdFusion? Actually I hear that a lot. The truth of the matter is that ColdFusion is still very real, it’s being used all over … Continue reading

6 jul

Put Class into what you Listen Too – Tech’s Reach

Internet, iPad, iPhone

Technology is really taking a turn when you see “high-class” hit the market place for electronics. Sure there is speed and performance, but don’t forget to remember looks and aesthetics. Bamboo seems to be going around the Earbud, Headphone, iPhone, … Continue reading

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5 jul

Social Media is for Losers

Facebook, Google, Internet, LinkedIn, Twitter

Thanks Dave for sharing this with me. ha! I like how he mentions Google Plus.

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5 jul

RockMelt Social Web Browser

Browsers, Chrome, Facebook, Google, Twitter

We are all already on Social Media sites anyways. We all either keep these websites open in their own tabs, which stay open as we cycle through them. So why not taken an open source browser and plug these features … Continue reading

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