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31 aug

Yahoo Performance Best Practices

Design, Hardware, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Yahoo

I feel that once you begin reaching full capacity of any sort of web server or begin seeing the bottom line dramatically affected by the number of users on your website, it’s time to begin looking at efficiency in serving … Continue reading

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30 aug

ZyXEL ZyWALL USG50 – Load Balancing Router

Electronics, Hacking, Hardware, Internet

Check out my new Router. My Uncle’s specialty is security and after being offline for 5 days (except for 3G), he recommended that I do something like this: ZyXEL ZyWALL USG50 Internet Security Firewall with Dual-WAN, 4 Gigabit LAN / … Continue reading

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27 aug

Google Maps History and looking at Hurricane Irene

Android, Google, Internet, iPad, iPhone, Microsoft

Google Maps is an extremely impressive leg of Google. Originally intended to as mapping and route planning, Google Maps has grown to be so much more than that. Programmatically, Google Maps is a pure JavaScript front-end, utilizing simple HTML DOM … Continue reading

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27 aug

You were just TechCrunched – Weekly Video

Hack-a-thon, Internet, Media

I’ve always been a fan of TechCrunch. It’s pretty much my source for tech news. And they are trying videos again. This weekly wrap up was pretty good. Take a look.

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27 aug

Hurricane Irene – Coming through Baltimore and NYC

Electronics, Hardware, Internet

Hurricane Irene is coming through town this weekend and we are expected to have some damage. Many parts of Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey have been ordered to evacuate due to flood concerns. Either way, it seems that … Continue reading

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25 aug

Redundant Internet Connections – Stay Alive!

Internet, Mobility

Telecommuting is more popular then ever. And, working from home can have many advantages. Save’s costs for office space, electricity, add’s comfort, and many others. But that’s not what we are here to talk about. No matter what the connection, … Continue reading

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24 aug

More Flexible LCD Screens and Future Monitors

Electronics, Hardware, Mobility, Samsung

I got in the craze of researching all these new LCD, LED, AMOLED technologies. Samsung, leading the way… Take a look!!

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23 aug

Automatic Muting for your TV – Build it

C++, Electronics, Hacking, Hardware, Home Projects, Media, Robotics

This was an amazingly thorough demonstration of how to build your own automatic mute device for your TV. If you are into hardware and software, it’s a cool demo.

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21 aug

Pandora says ByeBye to Flash, You know what… this isn’t even HTML5

HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Media, Mobility

I really don’t like spending money when I don’t have to, but I do subscribe to Pandora, and it’s very much worth it. Pandora One, Pandora’s new Beta is moving away from Flash. Who needs browser plugins anymore!? Audio and … Continue reading

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21 aug

Super AMOLED Screens – Future, Flexible, HULK STRONG

Android, Electronics, Hardware, iPad, iPhone, Media, Samsung

The first 5 seconds of this video freaked me the hell out! Samsung, is by far, the leader in LED screens, and owns literally half of the patents for LED technology out there. I’m an avid fan, but have swayed … Continue reading

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