The TechCrunch Deadpool, notorious for tracking latest technologies and trends, naturally finds themselves in the business of following startups. Along with startups are a lot of failures. It’s only natural that you fail multiple times before, if ever, becoming successful in the tech startup community. That said, it’s something like 1 in 16 startups who actually get venture capital funding, actually succeed past that stage of capitalization (maybe a little capitulation too). Therefore, TechCrunch has what they call the “Deadpool” tag. All those startups who may not have made it past year two, find their stories attached with this tag, and to search through them can be quite fun and quite informational.

TechCrunch Search by Tag: Deadpool

Lol, you figure that this happens so often that the writers have to somehow have a little fun with it. Where several companies flop, Deadpool Friday!

It’s still an extremely exciting area to watch. I would be more than happy to be part of the Deadpool sometime in my life.

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