HP Touchpads – Firesale, Put 1 in the Bathroom

With the announcement that HP will be discontinuing webOS, HP Touchpads are on a fire sale, and well basically sold out. Sorry. At $99 a tablet, it seems that anyone would take the deal. Use it for a year and you’ve more than paid for the cost. Evan had some ideas:

“What to do with your hp touchpad: (1) buy one for every room in your house, including the bathroom at $99. (2) sell it to some sucker for $199 and make a little profit to buy yourself a real iPad 3. (3) Use it for a cheap digital picture frame.” – Evan

And I’m guessing everyone is thinking something along the same lines. The 16 GB models typically go for $500, in store the prices were slashed to $99, and online to $129. What’s a tablets primary purpose? Probably web applications. And if you don’t like webOS so much, why not wipe it off and put Android on the system. Find Android ports here: http://www.android-x86.org/.

And I noticed on eBay, there are TouchPads for around $200 – $250… looks like some are already flipping them.

Well, I missed this deal. Could have had a little fun.

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