Pandora says ByeBye to Flash, You know what… this isn’t even HTML5

I really don’t like spending money when I don’t have to, but I do subscribe to Pandora, and it’s very much worth it. Pandora One, Pandora’s new Beta is moving away from Flash. Who needs browser plugins anymore!? Audio and Video are standards on the interweb?! Well, close… that’s why they are still beta. But Pandora’s beta “Pandora One” looks very nice, clean, and works I’d say, better than the flash version. JavaScript, wow… how did you get so powerful? What’s funny is that with the new Pandore One, HTML5 isn’t even being fully leveraged. This reminds me of Ajax, XmlHTTPRequest objects never being fully utilized until 4 years after their creation. JS, bring it! Future: Node.js, Backbone?? we’ll see.

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