Super AMOLED Screens – Future, Flexible, HULK STRONG

The first 5 seconds of this video freaked me the hell out!

Samsung, is by far, the leader in LED screens, and owns literally half of the patents for LED technology out there. I’m an avid fan, but have swayed from Samsung in their bad years. It seems like over the past year or so, they are coming full circle and doing a lot of damage to the market place ( in a good way ). AMOLED is the future of display technology, but one of the factors holding it back is simply the price and the duration that the displays can last, rated at almost half of what current LCD’s and Plasma’s are capable of. That aside, look at this demonstration video here:

This crap is inside my phone! If you have a Galaxy S phone or Nexus S, you are using this technology, right now. iPhone 5’s are speculated to include Super AMOLED, but we’ll see. The next video will show you what our next generation of mobile will be capable of. The world is about to shift, yet again! Intel Atom processors are getting smaller and more effective, have you seen how small 128 GB can fit into an SD card? Guess what, Samsung sits on the board of the SD Association too.

Ahh, this gets me excited… Let’s all keep in mind that the underlying technology all remains the same, but we continue to build upon the shoulders of our previous work. I love it.

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