Google Maps History and looking at Hurricane Irene

Google Maps is an extremely impressive leg of Google. Originally intended to as mapping and route planning, Google Maps has grown to be so much more than that. Programmatically, Google Maps is a pure JavaScript front-end, utilizing simple HTML DOM elements for complex data display; which obviously has many hooks into data services that feed Google Maps with images, street locations, and routing functionality. But Google Maps is so much more than just mapping, you can get your weather, view store fronts, and even browse around the moon.

I’m telling you guys everything that you already know. But take just a minute and take a step backwards for one second. Before Google Maps, was MapQuest. Look at the difference in functionality. MapQuest is a thing of the past. Look at the second leading competitor, Bing Maps (what a terrible marketing decision btw), not even close. Bing and MapQuest are losing to Google Maps because of Search Result Accuracy, Street View, and simply put, all the added features you get from Google.

With Google, there are now mobile versions, for free, that are very easy to use. Street View is dominant and is making searching around the USA simple and easy, and you can even pull up known web cams and weather with the click of a button. If there’s anything to take away from this post, simply take a pause… and look at how far Google Maps has come, think about how much more it can accomplish.

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