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20 aug

HP Touchpads – Firesale, Put 1 in the Bathroom

Android, eBay, Google, Hardware, Internet

With the announcement that HP will be discontinuing webOS, HP Touchpads are on a fire sale, and well basically sold out. Sorry. At $99 a tablet, it seems that anyone would take the deal. Use it for a year and … Continue reading

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19 aug

Corning – A Day Made of Glass

Electronics, Hardware, Internet, Media, Mobility

Evan mentioned this to me last night. Very cool demonstration of what could be the future. Watch the video the entire way through. You’ll notice a lot of things that we already have today, such as Microsoft’s Surface, I think … Continue reading

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18 aug

He Called PSPad, my Fav Editor, Old!!

Internet, Programming, Windows

Being a developer, you can never use just one single editor. Usually different editors have different advantages than others. And what’s funny is that when an editor tries to pack in as many features as possible to have every advantage, … Continue reading

18 aug

It’s Official, HP’s webOS is Dead!

Electronics, Mobility

Ahh, Just Yesterday, I was talking about how we had to be sure to somehow fit webOS into our compatibility scheme for some of our new mobile enhancements. Not anymore, webOS is no longer, straight from HP. It’s too bad, … Continue reading

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17 aug

Is it a Good Sign when your Site gets Hacked?

Clusters, Hacking, Internet

I’m not sure if last night’s discovery of abuse on my URL Shortener just proves to tell that my website is doing well. But given the genre of topics, I should expect this to happen. Somebody out there was abusing … Continue reading

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16 aug

Solar Powered Bikini – Swim Trunks that Chill Beer

beer, Electronics, Entertainment

It’s summer time and people are still talking green. Why not turn a bikini into a solar panel? Well, it’s been done.

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15 aug

HTML5 Video Element, Multiple Types Required

Android, Chrome, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, Internet Explorer, iPad, iPhone, Safari

The new HTML5 video element does not solve everybody’s problems. Usually when I say everybody, I am talking about each and every browser out there. There’s one hold back to the HTML5 video rendering; that is, getting on the same … Continue reading

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14 aug

Liquid Crystal Display’s – How LCD’s Work

Electronics, Hardware

My brother and I had a conversation this weekend about how LCD screens were made. He was explaining to me that there are actual light tubes inside of LCD monitors, but I didn’t believe him. Well, I was wrong! Here … Continue reading

13 aug

404 – Error, Not Found, Not Found

HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Media

I was doing some research on 404 error’s, but I couldn’t find anything to write about on this! I did find some cool videos though. Check em out!

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12 aug

Tables vs Table-less and

Google, HTML5/CSS3

I don’t even know why I bring up this subject anymore; it’s like the Windows vs Mac vs Linux argument. Nothing but bias, fads and the sort. But it seems that I always run into the argument in some place … Continue reading

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