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30 sep

iPhone Concepts – What will be next?

Apple, Hardware, iPhone

Now these are simply rumors and speculation, but take a look at some of these ideas for the next phones to come out: Ultra thin devices, with projector keyboards… oh my!

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29 sep

LCD’s getting cheaper, LED’s, 3D?


Watch out, I’m on a rant again… Do you remember the days when you plumped a huge 15 inch, or possibly even a 17 inch CRT monitor on your desk, connected to your speedy 486 or quite possibly a Pentium … Continue reading

28 sep

Amazon Kindle Fire Madness!! – Android based Kindle, Android, Electronics, Google

Woo, check out the new Amazon Kindle Fire… a little thick, but Android based!!? Woot! “It’s ok if you don’t have an iPad” Amazon Unveils Kindle Fire Tablet & New E-Readers

27 sep

Node.js WebGL on Desktop, Tablet, and Phone

Internet, JavaScript, WebGL

JavaScript is pretty much taking over the web world. Face it, JS compatibility, once in the realm of dark ages, has come to shine brightly throughout all sorts of processors. Take this as a quick example.

26 sep

Node.js Server LED Desk Notifier

DIY, Electronics, Hacking, Hardware, Home Projects

Hey guys, you have to check out this custom Desk mod. Mike made an LED desk, which is hooked up to various forms of notification API’s. If you get an email, new message, or some other particular event takes place, … Continue reading

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25 sep

Learn how to Hack Basics! Ping, Date, and While

Hacking, Hardware

I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of these guys over at Hak5. Here’s another well done video on some very basics of Networking, including Ping, Date, and While.

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23 sep

The New HP CEO, Meg Whitman

eBay, Hardware

Guess who’s the new CEO for HP? Princeton and Harvard grad, former CEO of eBay, and republican candidate for the Governor of California, it’s Meg Whitman ready to keep shaping this world. A lot of people criticize her work done … Continue reading

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22 sep

Play WebGL Angry Birds in Google Chrome

Chrome, Google, WebGL

With the release of the Google Chrome Store, Angry Birds was released in WebGL! Play it with your Chrome browser or if you dare, your Chrome-book.

20 sep

What is the Next Big Thing?

Apple, Chrome, Firefox, Google, HTML5/CSS3, Internet Explorer, JavaScript, Microsoft, Safari

“What is the next big thing?” I recently heard the question being asked. It’s the question of where to direct your efforts. How do you position yourself to take full advantage of the new trends in the web and technology … Continue reading

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20 sep


Internet, Mobility

Oh my, what a hoax! I want to warn those who participate in developing on the web of this apparent Web 3.0. If you are buying into any of the Web 3.0 talk, I think you are missing the picture. … Continue reading

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