Education: What if C++/Java was Mandatory in K-12?

Personal computers have been around since the 1980’s. At the same time, computers have deeply saturated the market, to the point where almost every family has a computer and very close to everybody in the United States at least has access to a computer, including the poorest of our country. Wild! Good! I wont even begin to get into the benefits… you hear the stories everywhere, that’s for another time. Computers are part of just about every school system, which got me thinking…

I learned how to use computers at a very early age. I was doing basic programming at 12, and before High School already knew my passion and that computers were going to be my future. But this post isn’t about me. The whole purpose of education and advancement of skills is the opportunity to develop in that particular skill. Not everybody had Engineer / Computer Science parents like I did. But, what if computer programming was a mandatory part of education? What if it was mandatory for every High School student to take a basic Computer Programming 101 course, with the option to take additional?

What I found out was that this is actually very common in other countries except the US. In parts of Romania and Russia, it’s required to take 2 advanced computer science courses, including things such as C++ and Java. It’s also required to learn multiple foreign languages. In High School, I actually used C++ which counted as my foreign language; can you believe that? In Europe, school is structured from the very beginning to put you on track before Primary school, or what we call High School.

I don’t want to force anyone to do anything, I think it should be completely open. But, computers are becoming an integral part of everybody’s lives, there may come a time where having basic understanding of script language is required such as Math, English, or other sciences. We have calculators, sure we should still know it, but if you can script calculations, look at the shoulders you are now standing on top of…

Just a nights thought.

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