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29 oct

Happy Halloween Weekend! Smash Pumpkins

Entertainment, Media

It’s Halloween Weekend and I hope everyone has done a little bit of pumpkin launching and carving, now we cannot forget to smash the pumpkins. Here’s a clip of pumpkin smashing at 1000 frames per second.

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28 oct

Node.js Tutorial – Step by Step HowTo

ColdFusion, Google, Internet, JavaScript, PHP

I’ve been meaning to implement Node.js with my Tetris game, so I went out looking for some tutorials. This is the one I think I’ll go ahead and use. Node.js is server side JavaScript. Server Side scripting with back-end JavaScript … Continue reading

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27 oct

The Periodic Table of Google API’s and Products

Android, Chrome, Google, Internet

Google is pretty much everywhere, they have to be. Spread R&D all over the place and see what next generations of technologies grow from the spread. Here is Google’s representation of development tools and API’s. There are quite a few! … Continue reading

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26 oct

Apple’s Siri – Talk to Your Phone and Get an Answer

Apple, iPad, iPhone

No more of this voice recognition with voice commands and scripted results. Now, with Siri and iPhone, you can just talk to your phone, just like you would your friend and get real answers back. How well does it work … Continue reading

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25 oct

David Juggles and Solves Rubik’s Cube

Entertainment, Games

Have fun!

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24 oct

Learn How to Make an Electric Bicycle!

Electronics, Hardware, Robotics

Check out this article on how to make your own 48V electric bike.

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23 oct

Kak5 1009 – Rel1k with SET, Mubix with Metasplot

Electronics, Hacking, Hardware, Internet
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22 oct

ASUS Eee PC, Transformers, Everywhere!

Apple, ASUS, beer, Electronics, Hardware

ASUS is unbelievable. Everywhere I go, I am seeing more and more of these ASUS laptops around. I was just on Facebook and noticed the ASUS Eee PC, a friend uses for work now. I’m out relaxing and a family … Continue reading

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22 oct

Compare the iPhone 4S and Galaxy II Class

Android, Apple, Electronics, Google, Hardware, HTC, Internet, iPhone, Samsung

With all these new phones, you always have to take a look around and compare what’s out there. The iPhone has not had that much to compete with, but since the emergence of the Android, it now has something to … Continue reading

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20 oct

Ice Cream Sandwich Features – Android w00t!

Android, Apple, Google, iPhone

Android 4.0. Another number increased. Another set of features. Yes, we’ve all seen these over and over, but it takes time to make a device that’s going to flow and fit into your life. iPhones, Androids, and Blackberry’s are all … Continue reading

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