ASUS Eee PC, Transformers, Everywhere!

ASUS is unbelievable. Everywhere I go, I am seeing more and more of these ASUS laptops around. I was just on Facebook and noticed the ASUS Eee PC, a friend uses for work now. I’m out relaxing and a family friend bought an ASUS Transformer (Android Tablet) to take to Afghanistan for 6 months. The other week, I was having a beer with a couple of friends, and sure enough one broke out that same Transformer. I have both the Eee PC and the Transformer and love them. Apparently, so do many others.

And ASUS is only getting better. Their Eee PC was very nice, then they came out with a touch screen tablet version of the Eee called the Eee Pad and MT (Multi-Touch) models. They were still quite a bit large and since then have released the Transformer, which has been a great success, with many more models to be released with added features. And now, the ASUS Zenbook is coming out to compete with Apple’s Macbook Air. The company is firing on all cylinders. I cannot wait to see what comes out next.

lol, here’s a funny video about the Zenbook:

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