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19 oct

Browser Virtualization and Streaming from Spoon!

Chrome, Firefox, Internet, Internet Explorer, Safari

Applications delivered on the web! Yes, this is where the pendulum has been swinging… Yes, do you remember, we swing from Terminal-based systems to client-based systems. is a little mix of both, where you can stream virtual applications over … Continue reading

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18 oct

20 Linux System Monitoring Tools Every Admin Should Know

Clusters, Hardware, Internet, Linux, Windows

I’ve been on a four month stint so far in a Windows environment, so this find brought a smile to my face. I’ve been through just about every Net Admin job from Novel to W2K3 to Red Hat, CentOS and … Continue reading

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17 oct

MacMini Setup with 3 Monitors

Apple, DIY, Mac

I thought I’d share how my new MacMini is setup. I’ve got three monitors attached. This is not a MacMini that supports Dual monitors, rather one that is leveraging DisplayLink’s USB to VGA adapters. I have one 23 inch widescreen … Continue reading

17 oct

Make a Pumpkin Launcher

DIY, Entertainment, Hardware, Home Projects, Robotics

I ran into a couple of these pumpkin launchers over the weekend. They are very cool, some looked like military altered launchers, modified specifically for launching pumpkins. Take a look, maybe think about making one for yourself. Learn How to … Continue reading

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14 oct

Japanese Beer Sapporo

beer, DIY, Electronics, Hacking, Hardware, Home Projects, Robotics

Ok, it’s Friday night. Time to relax for the weekend, refresh, and watch your beer turn into a robot… haha, I found this video pretty funny. Take a look, he’s controlling his beer can robot with a Wii remote.

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13 oct

NSFW – How to Speak Geek

Internet, Media

It’s amazing how technology has evolved our communication. Chatting online, we’ve naturally found a way to shorten words to type quicker and express emotion. Text messages, we are shortening what we right and expressing emotion in an almost identical way. … Continue reading

12 oct

ROME: “WebGL: The Technology Behind ‘3 Dreams of Black'”

3D Graphics, Browsers, Design, Media, WebGL

Expand your JavaScript capability. Evolve from static video to dynamic animation. Take a look:

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11 oct

Work Performance and Incentives, Understand technical drive

Apple, Design, Internet, User Experience

How do you motivate developers and technical people to create and develop innovative solutions in this evolving world? Let’s take a couple steps back from the technical and take a look at the underlying incentives and studies of rewards and … Continue reading

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11 oct

ASUS Zenbook – Such an Amazing Company

Apple, ASUS, Hardware, Mobility, Windows

ASUS is one of my favorite hardware companies. I buy nothing but ASUS motherboards and have at this moment, two ASUS laptops and two ASUS tablets and two ASUS motherboards in PC’s (1 Windows, 1 Kubuntu) all active machines… call … Continue reading

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10 oct

Android Mod’s – Who is Cyanogen?

Android, Apple, Google, iPhone, Linux, Objective-C

The colorless, toxic gas chemical compound Cyanogen is also the name of one of the most popular Android mods out there. Cyanogen takes Android based phones and releases end-to-end core, front-end, and in-between modifications to Android based phones in an … Continue reading

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