Systems Alliance Empower 2011 Conference

We have just finished Systems Alliance Empower 2011 Conference, which I walked away from quite impressed. This was a 3 day conference north of Baltimore, MD focused around their SiteExecutive CMS system. I went representing American Public University Systems as a developer, where I followed their developer track.

Systems Alliance has developed a product called SiteExecutive, which is a Content Management System, specifically serving highly scalable websites that have a lot of content. They do a particularly good job with managing work flow and managing how content gets approved and published to high load websites. If there are 100,000 unique users hitting your site, getting many millions of page hits, you want to be sure that your content is perfect and that it meets the businesses requirements before it ever goes to a public web page. This is where Systems Alliance and SiteExecutive come in. There much more they do that I’m not even mentioning.

All of the sessions that I went to were great! I wanted to give Michael Grove a special shout out for his very good HTML5/CSS3 presentation. Other sessions for developers included custom module development using the SiteExecutive API, jQuery, F5 came in and spoke about their load balancers and reverse proxies and helped me out with some iRules code. And I was also able to pick up a couple of neat SiteExecutive tricks from their developers. The two alternate tracks were geared towards Strategy and Best Practices.

Overall, the sessions were solid, the food was top notch, and everybody was extremely friendly, which made for a very good conference. I look forward to the next SECON. Thanks SysAlli!

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