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It’s funny to look back at how long smart phones have been out, what we still do not have apps for but that were developed 10 to 15 years ago on Windows and Apple mobile devices. One of these apps that I particularly miss is a Remote Display Screen, so that I can control my phone using my keyboard and mouse on my computer, rather than picking it up and using the small keyboard and such. Texting would be so much better if a remote display screen was available. Well, Windows had this in Windows Pocket PC and even Windows Mobile 2003.

You know where these would be even more useful? Demo’s!

So where are our remote displays for Android and iPhone? Now and days, you would think that these apps would all work wirelessly, so I went out and did some research. Well, I found a couple. The one for the Android is an open source application called Android Screen Cast. But at 4 to 5 frames per second it does not make for a very good experience. The iPhone side is the same exact way in the app market place, where a freelancer wrote iDemo and charges to use the application.

If you are a developer, it could be a good opportunity to jump on. I know I’ll certainly look into it. Or what about an app where you can remotely text using your PC or Mac machine and communicate with a phone app over Blue Tooth, WiFi, or an intermediary service.

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