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17 nov

Systems Alliance Empower 2011 Conference

ColdFusion, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript, Mobility, Photoshop, User Experience, WebGL

We have just finished Systems Alliance Empower 2011 Conference, which I walked away from quite impressed. This was a 3 day conference north of Baltimore, MD focused around their SiteExecutive CMS system. I went representing American Public University Systems as … Continue reading

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16 nov

HTML5 Replacement for Flash wins SiteExecutive Excellence Award

Android, Apple, Browsers, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, iPad, iPhone, JavaScript

As many of you know, iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod) does not support flash. Therefore if users are browsing your website from an iPad or iPhone, which tends to be pretty likely, if you do not have a fallback image … Continue reading

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16 nov

jQuery for Beginners – Step by Step Tutorial

Browsers, Internet, JavaScript, Programming

jQuery has evolved into the largest JavaScript Framework out there. It’s used on over 24 M websites. JavaScript has been around a long time, but can be rather messy to code and get familiar with. What jQuery does is provide … Continue reading

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14 nov

CSS & Responsive Design – How Sites Collapse

Browsers, Internet, Media, Mobility

A couple of months ago, I introduced the topic of Responsive Design. It’s been a very fun and popular topic in the web world, the goal of allowing websites to have content automatically formatted to fit in the window screen … Continue reading

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13 nov

My Phone is Faster than My Laptop!? Samsung Galaxy S II SkyRocket

Android, Apple, Electronics, Google, HTC, iPhone, Samsung

Not surprisingly, my cell phone is more powerful than many of my laptops. So when I start heading towards my front door ready to take care of some daily errands around town, I typically stop and consider grabbing my tablet, … Continue reading

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13 nov

Alarm Clocks – Past, Present, and Future

Electronics, Entertainment, Hardware, Mobility

Sometimes it’s nice to take a look at the past and see what we now have present day. Why not the future? Take a look: Past: Present: Future:

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11 nov

Electricity Generated by Your Finger Tips

Electronics, Mobility, Solar

It’s pretty amazing to see what is up and coming, what scientists are working on, and actual practical applications of these new technologies. I found a rather interesting article done earlier this year on Nanogenerators collecting energy from your finger … Continue reading

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10 nov

Samsung Galaxy S II Class vs iPhone 4S

Android, Apple, Google, Hardware, iPhone, Microsoft, Samsung

Android and iOS are two completely different beasts. In one respect, it could be interpreted that iPhone’s launched the smart phone to the up and front. Smartphone’s have been around since phones have, but it really took something that was … Continue reading

9 nov

WYSIWYG, What About Online Coding Tools?

Browsers, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) have been quite the rage in the web development era, followed by failed and failed attempts such as TinyMCE and FCK (hmmm…). I can easily say that all these WYSIWYG editors have … Continue reading

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8 nov

Mark Zuckerberg Visits Harvard CS Students

Facebook, Internet, Media

Mark Zuckerberg, estimated at about $17.5B and is only 27 years old. Naturally, people want to know how he did it and who he is. But now, he’s out giving talks to college Computer Science students and spreading his word … Continue reading

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