My Journey from Switching from Firefox to Chrome

For many years, I was a Firefox advocate and for the record, I still am really. Firefox will always be my first love and I believe Mozilla will one day make Firefox the browser it was always meant to be, but we live in a fast moving society and at this time I’m constantly looking at the menu for new and exciting web technology to help me be more efficient with my web designing and browsing experience. So, now that you’ve read my break up letter, let me explain my story.Let the battle commence! Chrome vs Firefox

Extensions! How I love theeā€¦ It was extensions for Firefox that I quickly fell in love with such as Firebug for style inspecting and debugging, DownloadHelper for capturing any or all videos off the web and 1password for storing/retrieving all my credentials within a single application. As time continued, I discovered more and more useful extensions and love was in the air!

Then I learned about Mozilla’s accelerated release schedule over the summer for Firefox and I figured the new enhancements would bring interesting and exciting new features from a personal browsing level at the very least. (Click the image on the right for all the details.) My journey into their beta program went from hopeful and interesting to down right frustrating and sour very quickly.

Firefox release schedule Basically, as I said before, my love for Firefox were the extensions that got me through the day, but as I participated in the program, it seems something was going wrong with the build cycles and developers weren’t updating their extensions fast enough to make them compatible for the beta versions to meet, what I would think would be, everyone’s “accelerated release expectations“! Who wants to have their favorite extensions break every 90 days? So, my overall experience with the program was a bust nor was I impressed with the expected performance increase that was said to come from all the new versions of Firefox. Therefore, I quit the program, reverted back to 4.0 and thought upgrading was just not for me at this time.

Since I was in the market for trying new things, I kept hearing about all the great features that Google was developing for their Chrome browser. There was always so much talk about how fast it is, how wonderful its tab management is over Firefox, new and competitive extensions that developers were creating/porting over from other browsers and how snappy and efficient it was with memory and CPU performance, which was something Firefox was really starting to lack with all their most recent beta versions. Honestly, one of my biggest gripes I have with Firefox was how slow it launches, how slow it creates new tabs and basically how slow its overall browsing the web felt. Note: Don’t even suggest uninstalling my extensions, because that’s a just lazy excuse as to why the browser may be feeling its age even if that is the reason.

Firefox kills my CPU usage!!

So, I gave Chrome a trial install of heavy to moderate use from watching online videos, opening a dozen or so tabs at a time, visiting heavy javascript rich websites like e-mail and online calendars. After about a month of testing, I was convinced this browser met all my expectations including its extensions and its performance increase! The inspector is obviously relatively different than the firebug extension, so there’s at least this feature that I’m trying to get used to although there is a light version available.

Like I said at the very beginning, I still do have a soft spot for Firefox and at the office, it will always be an important browser that I’ll use for testing, debugging and developing our institution websites.

Anyway, I’ll see you around Firefox. I’m sure one day you’ll make someone happy!

P.S. Thanks Phil for convincing me to switch to Chrome! I converted my wife’s browsing behavior over and she’s loving the new speed of it, too.

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