3 Key Evolution’s of HTML5 – Multi, Continuous, Massive

While looking into the future of the web, we all know and expect HTML5 to become the forefront of interface technology, backed by JavaScript. At the same time, we realize the lagging effect of desktop browsers, so for the time being, all of our HTML5 demonstrations have been solely focused and realized on new and mobile devices. And because we can actively utilize HTML5 today, mainly in these mobile and specialized devices, there are new different sets of evolution, the largest one being touch input.

HTML5 -> JavaScript -> Mobile / Specialized Devices -> Touch

I found this video on TechCrunch this morning and it does a very good job at identifying three clear areas of where HTML5 will evolve towards as it’s being deployed on Mobile and Specialized devices. I tend to agree with the following, evolving into our devices for HTML5:

  • Multi Finger Interaction with more than 2 finger inputs – The ability to recognize two or more inputs to manipulate a single object.
  • Continuous Gesture Recognition – The ability to transition from a touch action into another touch action.
  • Massive Multi-Touch – The ability to manipulate multiple objects with multiple 2+ combination inputs.

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