Free Wifi at McDonald’s Rocks!

So, it’s 11pm on weeknight and your internet is not working at home. What do you do if you need internet for work purposes? Swing down to your local McDonald’s and hook up to their free wifi access of course! That’s what happened to me tonight for a code release of ours that I was a part of but decided to work remotely from home.McDonalds

It’s pretty cool to live in a time and place that should you need internet, you can pretty much find free wifi access points anywhere. Should you be in a jam like I was and you need an emergency dose of high speed internet, be sure to research your local community for an internet fix so you too are prepared!

Meanwhile, while I’m chowing down on 10 piece nugget and fries, McDonald’s is looking pretty swag these days sporting an urban hipster feel with couches, leather stools and mood lighting.

Here are few restaurants I found that offers free wifi so you can be prepared as well!

Companies with multiple locations

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