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One of my favorite sites, XDA Developers, had a very cool Poll asking their readers what they thought was the best phone of 2011 was. A little bit of background, XDA-Developers consists of about 4 million users where people get together to team up to mod and make their phones as custom as possible. They begun with Windows phones but since the introduction of Android, the site has shifted almost all the way over.

About a month ago, November 23rd, this poll came out asking what was the best phone out there. Now we are clearly talking smart phones. iPhone’s never enter this particular discussion due to the nature of the community of developers here and the level headed objectiveness of rich customizations done at root levels. Haha, I’m just joking all you Apple fans. It just seems that there hasn’t been a huge “iPhone developer” base that’s formed on XDA.

Well, take a look at the stats. The Galaxy S class has everybody blown away! More specifically, the Galaxy S II owns 54% of all the votes, while including tablets and the Galaxy Nexus these tally the Galaxy S class to 73% of all the votes!! What a dominating poll for such a diverse group! This should be a very clear indication for any of those looking to switch to an Android phone, go with any Samsung Galaxy S class!

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