WiFi Access for Android – Open Source for any Root

What’s the importance of rooting your Android or JailBreaking your iPhone?

There are many who automatically assume that they have broken their warranty or that they will break their phone forever. And you know what, they are right. You can break your warranty and you can break your phone forever, also called “bricking” your phone. So why take the risk? Let’s first analyze this risk. Any phone can be restored to manufacturer default by loading on the stock image. At that point, it’s impossible to tell if your phone has been modified, thus protecting your warranty. With the improvements in firmware allocation and memory storage on the latest smart phones, the term “bricking” seems to have become a thing of the past.

All that said, rooting your phone does not put your phone in serious danger of breaking your warranty or “bricking” your phone. What you do get is the ability to install any application you wish, make modifications to your core system, and begin to truly customize your phone beyond stock / carrier limitations. One fantastic example of this, is enabling WiFi HotSpot’s using Open Source software and getting past your original software after your phone has been purchased.

For Android, you can root your phone and then visit: http://code.google.com/p/android-wifi-tether/

Download the application from your phone and install, walah!

This wonderful application lets you setup profiles for all of the most popular phones out there. You can setup security, manage DNS, monitor devices connecting through your hot spot, and protect your WiFi Hot Spot, all of this, Open Source, and Free, even if your provider offers this as a service for $30 additional per month. You even get a widget that you can install on your home screen so that you can enable and disable this feature on the fly. Perfect!

Each device that connects via your Hot Spot can be allowed to pass through or denied access. There are many many other features like this and very specific configuration settings that you can manage. I highly recommend this download.

Watch the video how-to below.

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