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8 dec

Remember Winamp? Use it’s Visualizations with Pandora!

howto, Internet, Media

Oh my, I’ve got something beautiful here! What do you do with your streaming internet radio without a visualization? like Pandora? Why not hook up the audio output internally within your computer and set it up as an input for … Continue reading

7 dec

Verizon – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Internet, Media, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, Verizon

Verizon is such a mixed bag when it comes to services they provide. Any Verizon service that I’ve used, I’ve felt like I had the mafia on my back, squeezing me for every single penny. And typically it seems that … Continue reading

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6 dec

NSFW: XXX Domains Reported by Naked News

Internet, Media, News

NSFW – Not Safe for Work Have you seen the Buy.XXX commercials over the past couple of weeks? No? Well today, ICANN has officially approved .xxx domain names and although not completely restricted, these are most likely going to be … Continue reading

6 dec

Protect Yourself from Phishing Scams

Browsers, Guest Posts, Hacking, Internet

When I welcomed my wife to her first Mac back in 2007, I recall giving her a test to see if she could pass a “phishing” exam. Although I was happy that she didn’t have to worry about installing virus protection on her … Continue reading

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5 dec

DOCTYPES – When in Doubt? Check Your Doctype

Browsers, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript

Doctypes are a necessary declaration needed in any webpage. The purpose of a doctype is to simply tell your browser what type of HTML to process while reading your website. There are several types of HTML and browsers do a … Continue reading

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4 dec

3 Key Evolution’s of HTML5 – Multi, Continuous, Massive

Android, Apple, Chrome, Firefox, Google, Hardware, HTML5/CSS3, Internet Explorer, iPad, JavaScript, Microsoft, Safari

While looking into the future of the web, we all know and expect HTML5 to become the forefront of interface technology, backed by JavaScript. At the same time, we realize the lagging effect of desktop browsers, so for the time … Continue reading

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3 dec

Increase Your Performance with Minification and Combination

Hardware, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript, Yahoo

Thinking about ways to increase your websites performance should always be in the back of your mind while designing and managing a website. A couple of easy ways to help out are: 1) Minifying your JavaScript and CSS, 2) Compressing … Continue reading

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1 dec

How to Prevent Suggested Videos on YouTube

Companies, DIY, Entertainment, Internet

Every so often, I sit down and post a YouTube video in a blog post. Actually, I do it just about every day. After about a year, I found the first time where I had to disable the suggested videos … Continue reading

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1 dec

My Journey from Switching from Firefox to Chrome

Browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Google, Guest Posts, Internet

For many years, I was a Firefox advocate and for the record, I still am really. Firefox will always be my first love and I believe Mozilla will one day make Firefox the browser it was always meant to be, … Continue reading