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31 jan

Where is FCBK? NYSE or NASDAQ? Wednesday?

Facebook, Stock

There are so many questions lingering, while this Facebook IPO seems to be completely quiet and hush-hush! So far, we are hearing that the filing will take place tomorrow and that Facebook will try and raise approximately $5B. The valuation … Continue reading

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30 jan

Windows 7 Shake Trick

Microsoft, Windows

Are you on Windows 7? Take your window, non-maximized, grab it by the title-bar and give it a shake!

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29 jan

Facebook to Go Public coming Shortly!

Facebook, Google, Internet, Stock

Facebook is currently valued somewhere around $50 Billion with the $450 Million investment from Goldman Sachs. But it’s now starting to look like Facebook’s valuation will be around $100 Billion making it one of the largest tech company IPO’s since … Continue reading

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29 jan

What are Web Operating Systems?

Apple, Browsers, Chrome, ChromeOS, Cloud Computing, Google, Internet, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Microsoft, Mobility, OS

WebOS, Web Operating Systems, and HTTP enabled Operating Systems. It seems that everybody in the space is trying to coin the term and the one term that everybody wants to claim their own is a Web Operating System. How and … Continue reading

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28 jan

Mac OS X Lion done in all CSS3 / JS

Chrome, Design, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Safari

Evan showed this to me the other day; an web page that emulates Mac OS X using CSS3. It’s pretty good. Take a look:

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26 jan

Regular Expressions – Search by Patterns

Hacking, Programming

Regular expressions are a concise, specific, and flexible way to match strings of text commonly used in programming languages and regularly allowed in configurations to extend flexibility to all sorts of processes. Not surprisingly, people began noticing these patterns even … Continue reading

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25 jan – Community for Programmers

Internet, Programming

The free, abundant, and natural programmers resource and community, provides coders a valuable resource to troubleshoot and solve issues for there most recent projects. StackOverflow uses point based badges and rating systems to assist in qualifying individuals and elevating … Continue reading

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24 jan

Watch Your TV Anywhere with Slingbox

Electronics, Hardware, Internet, Media

Ever want to access your own TV over the internet? Slingbox is exactly for you. Using a video conversion, which transmits your video, and an infrared device that can be controlled over the internet, you can change your channels and … Continue reading

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23 jan

7 Hour Downtime (sorry!) – How to Optimize Your Website!

Clusters, DIY, Hardware, Internet, Linux

I apologize to those who tried to ping my website, which went down today. Typically I’d have these things back up in half a second, but unfortunately I had other priorities to attend today. Due to traffic and other reasons, … Continue reading

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22 jan

AT&T Punishes Subscribers by Throttling Modest Data Usages *UPDATE*

Apple, AT&T, Guest Posts, Mobility

I woke up to a couple nasty grams from AT&T this morning via txt and e-mail that noted that I was in the top 5% of data users this month and I needed to use wi-fi to help avoid “reduced” … Continue reading

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