Time to Hack Windows 7 Passwords

Everywhere you look, people say it cannot be done. Microsoft most likely invests a lot of money making sure that people do not figure out and find out how to crack a Windows 7 password. Recently, they have taken a very simple stance. If you forget your password and do not create a password recovery disk, you are locked out. Contrary to Windows XP where cracking a computer was very simple. In the end, everything can be cracked and being a technologist, I’m going to share with you how.

Keep in mind that cracking passwords is not necessarily an illegal thing to do. If a user has completely lost access to their information, that information is valuable and it must be retrieved.

Let’s start, first you need to be in an environment where the system you are trying to get into is not active. Simple, let’s use a Boot USB or Boot CD. We can start by using Hiren’s Boot CD, which will load you up with many fun and cool tools for all sorts of purposes.

Time to start diving into the realm of cracking and hacking. First of all, all we need is an environment, so in Google, start searching for Hirens BootCD 12. I’m not going to walk you through this one for obvious reasons, but type “torrent” at the end of that query and you should be pretty well setup. With Hirens BootCD, you should have all the utilities and tools to do many things.

  1. You will also need to get this to boot from the start. The best way is to burn straight to a CD, but more recently USB has been the way to go. Go through the boot and right away, you should have the option for an Offline Password Changer. Select this.
  2. You will then identify the partition for the Windows system that you are trying to get into.
  3. Select default for: Registry
  4. Choose 1 for Password Recovery (default)
  5. Choose 1 for Edit User Data and Passwords (default)
  6. Select the username to alter
  7. Select 1 to clear the password
  8. You should be good to go, You can restart and try and login now without a password.

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