Ashton Kutcher – The Angel Investor

The man with the first twitter account to have $1M followers does quite a lot more than you would think. Actor, Entertainer, Comedian, Model, Producer, and also Angel Investor in high flying tech companies. He has plenty of money to spend and it’s said that about 1 of 18 companies that receive funding become profitable and do very well. Ashton has invested in about 17 tech startups.

Ashton is no stranger from starting up a company, having started a media company that went on to do shows such as Punk’d, Beauty and the Geek, and The Butterfly Effect. Having a little bit of spending money, along with a keen interest in new companies, and the explosive growth of early investing, Ashton has taken it upon himself to grow a few little eggs of his own. Take a look at all the companies he’s invested in.

Company Date Round Size
Airtime 10/11 Series A $8.3M
Fab 8/11 Series A $7.7M
Airbnb 7/11 Series B $112M
Grubwithus 5/11 Angel $1.6M
Milk 4/11 Angel $1.5M
Zaarly 3/11 Seed $1M
MemSQL 3/11 Seed $2.1M
SeatGeek 2/11 Unattributed
Tinychat 1/11 Unattributed $1.5M
Likealittle 1/11 Angel $1M
Optimizely 11/10 Angel $1.2M
Path 11/10 Angel $2.5M
Hipmunk 10/10 Seed $1M
Blekko 8/10 Series C $1.2M
Flipboard 7/10 Series A $10.5M
NOWBOX 5/10 Angel
AeroFS 1/10 Unattributed

I must admit that after investing in so many companies, Ashton is probably a pro at finding what works, what doesn’t and how to avoid getting taken advantage of in this brutal environment. I think he’s doing this perfectly and I cannot wait to see some of his early investments pay him back big time.

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