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29 feb

Windows 8 Developer Release is now Available

Electronics, iPad, Microsoft, Windows

The first Windows 8 release is now available to demo and to go through product testing on a large user base. The release of Windows 8 is to help build compatibility and enhance user experience through aesthetics and new forms … Continue reading

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28 feb

3D Printers – The Easy Bake Oven for Geeks

3D Graphics, Design, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, Home Projects, Robotics

Oooh-eee!! Gadgets! What’s better than gadgets!? How about creating gadgets of your own! What about tech gadgets? Or, what about creating your own tech gadgets with boards and custom casings? I’m extremely excited about this find today. Being an engineer … Continue reading

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27 feb

Trip down Memory Lane with Chris Pirillo

Electronics, Hardware, Internet, Media

Chris Pirillo has been around the internet and been broadcasting for what seems to be all of his life, along with all of the internets life. Take a look at some of these videos and revisit Siri, Windows XP, even … Continue reading

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26 feb

USB Outlets to Replace 120V Power?

Electronics, Hardware, Home Projects

I was browsing around instructables today and found this very cool trick to switch your 120V wall outlet over to a USB charger. You can find it here. Basically all you do is setup 120V to USB adapters behind the … Continue reading

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25 feb

For the Pure CSS Geeks, Fun *{} CSS

Browsers, Hacking, HTML5/CSS3, Internet

There are a lot of CSS tricks out there and many that take quite some time to master. But what about CSS hacks? The other day, we talked about JavaScript hacks that can literally disable your website. What about CSS? … Continue reading

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24 feb

Standing Desks and Workstations

DIY, Electronics, Home Projects

Standing desks and workstations have been going around the past couple of years. It seems that people are getting tired of sitting. And when people sit all day at a desk, when they actually have to stand for 8 hours … Continue reading

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24 feb

Deployment Nights – JavaScript’s Role Today

Browsers, Hacking, Internet, JavaScript

You know it’s been a long night of deployment when your hand begins to cramp, the hours toll up, and you get the alarm code for the building. It’s not because there are issues, actually everything is going smooth, but … Continue reading

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22 feb

Windows, Mac, or Linux? The Battle? Or just Placement?

Apple, Hardware, Linux, Mac, Microsoft, Windows

Ahh, this curious and often ill-treated discussion based on a mixture of personal preference, ego, long standing history, experience, muscle memory, and aesthetic design: Which is better? Windows, Mac, or Linux? It’s funny because most of the time, the end … Continue reading

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21 feb

Sublime Text Editor – The Best Ever?

C++, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Java, JavaScript, Linux, Mac, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Windows

Text Editors are extremely important to the web developer. And it’s important for programmers, specifically web programmers to be well versed in all Windows, Mac, and Linux environments. It’s also very easy to get stuck on one particular environment, where … Continue reading

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20 feb

Intel’s Thunderbolt Technology for Mac

Apple, Hardware, Mac, Media

Thunderbolt is the next, latest and greatest in Input/Output data connections, rivaling USB and Firewire. The entire idea behind Thunderbolt is interfacing a PCIe bus to deliver huge amounts of data in a friendly manner. These are done using Apple’s … Continue reading

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