Yahoo, Huge, Innovative, a Silent Leader!

Yahoo is a huge company! It’s so easily pushed to the side by the other internet giants such as Google ($196B), Facebook ($100B), Amazon ($84B), and others. But Yahoo has a $20 billion market share and is a serious company to contend with. How is Yahoo still around? With search that is far below Google, I mean honestly, who can even compete with Google? The simple fact is that Yahoo was one of the first giants out of the gate and with that first head into the market place, you create customers, loyal customers. Remember that people do not like change. To this day, when I look for movies online, I type, naturally… but after a number of outages, I was forced to change. Yahoo still commands a huge market share. How?

Yahoo continues to be innovative. They invest in their developers and strive for perfection on the internet. Their latest Yahoo Webmail is one of the most advanced out there. Yahoo Mail’s functionality easily supersedes GMail, definitely Hotmail. Yahoo competes and leads the web in performance optimization, with Google right next to them. Yahoo is the 4th highest visited site worldwide, following Google (1), Facebook (2), YouTube (3). 50% of Yahoo’s traffic comes from Yahoo Mail ( And people logging into most likely access their Yahoo Mail ( is 25% of their traffic.

All that aside, Yahoo is a great company with a lot of potential. Their decisions to re-invest in their developers continue to allow Yahoo to stay on top of the curve. Would you like a visualizer? They dedicated HTML5 and Canvas developers to create this:

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