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31 mar

Today is World Backup Day

Electronics, Hardware, howto, Internet, Mobility, News

You know what today is? It’s World Backup Day, which means everybody better make sure they have backups of everything before April Fools day. Somehow, this day last year was determined to be the day that a large amount of … Continue reading

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30 mar

Google Drive vs Dropbox in April?

Apple, Google, Internet, Microsoft, Mobility

The most recent rumor that gets me excited is the thought of a Google Drive becoming available. The company Dropbox, did a beautiful thing, that’s simple and straight forward, but that many of us take for granted. What dropbox does … Continue reading

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29 mar

Dynamically Resize Background Images with jQuery

Browsers, Design, DIY, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript

jQuery is now by far, the leading JavaScript framework out there. Sure, there is still a lot of competition with YUI, Dojo, ExtJS, Scriptaculous, and others but when you see where jQuery came from and how far they’ve gone, you … Continue reading

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27 mar

Hak5 Update with SXSW, Bluetooth Fun, and More

Hacking, Hardware, Internet, Windows

It’s time to keep you updated with the latest from Hak5. Enjoy!

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26 mar

ASUS Zenbook vs Apple Macbook Air

Apple, ASUS, Electronics, Hardware

While looking for my Ultrabook and being an avid ASUS fan, I was extremely excited that the Zenbook came out to compete directly against the Macbook Air. Healthy competition is always good. My ASUS Transformer was my Android solution to … Continue reading

25 mar

JavaScript Tron, Written in 221 bytes

Browsers, DIY, Hacking, Internet, JavaScript

Tron is a classic game that we all know. Also known as nibbles, snake, worm, light cycle, this game has many different variants and I’m pretty sure nobody truly knows what came first. What we do know is that it’s … Continue reading

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24 mar

Heads Up Ski Goggles – Track Time and Distance

Apple, Electronics, Hardware, iPhone

There are some cool things that you can do with heads up displays, but you need a good deal of space with todays technology in order to get something that is cost-productive. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one … Continue reading

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23 mar

Google Maps API to Charge Money

Apple, DIY, Google, Internet, JavaScript

Google Maps API is now going to begin charging money for their API services. Along with charging for access to their API, they also hope to provide many more features to the Google development world. What your paying for is … Continue reading

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22 mar

Learning JSON with JavaScript and Other Languages, Facebook, Google, Internet, Java, JavaScript, Programming, Twitter

JSON is a simple and very commonly used data format for objects being sent around the web. Short for JavaScript Object Notation, JSON provides an easy to read and highly compact way to basically send data between applications and websites … Continue reading

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20 mar

Open Source Success Story – Android now in Linux

Android, Google, Linux

The kernel that runs 80% of the web servers in the world, that handles embedded systems, operates freely, and is completely open source just got an update. Linux 3.3 came out yesterday. It’s not often we see updates to the … Continue reading

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